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Product Spotlight


The Next Generation in Mobile Dryers

Mobile Drying and Conveying systems eliminate the need for machine-mounted hoppers by placing all components on a safe, convenient cart. Set-up batch drying, clean-out and maintenance can all take place without tying up valuable process machine time, or climbing on the machine.


Accurate Gravimetric Blending in Very Small Batches

Get accurate blends, better mixing, faster material changes and increased profits with Conair’s TrueBlend Series Blenders. Steep-sided material compartments allow resin to flow evenly and freely through vertical dispense valves into the weigh chamber. Efficient mixing assures full integration of all recipe ingredients. Full enclosed cabinet design assures no pellet spillage and clean operation. Standard convenient features such as quick access material compartment bins, a hinged chassis access door and removable components in the mixing chamber reduce downtime during cleanout.


ECO-Friendly Refrigerant; Durable Construction

Conair’s EarthSmart ECA Series Portable Chillers are quality engineered for year-round 24/7 operation under demanding industrial applications. Combining a compact design, durable construction and a new and a new control platform, Conair’s ECA Series Chillers provide maximum cooling for all your processing applications.

Integrate with R-410A non-ozone depleting refrigerant, the ECA Series functions with the environment in mind.


Adaptable 2-way Chamber for Multiple Applications

The innovative and adaptable cutting chamber on the CBW Series allows these granulators to provide exceptional regrind for a wider variety of blow molded, injection and extrusion parts than ever before.

These quiet, heavy-duty granulators feature exchangeable back plates that modify the feed opening from super tangential to tangential, accommodating virtually everything from large bulky parts to heavy-wall profiles to sprues and runners. The result is increased throughput and a more consistent and uniform regrind.




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