Mold-Vac was developed. Our systems are designed to eliminate entrapped air and gas within the mold prior to and during the injection cycle. Additionally, the blowback feature provides the capability to clean and purge vented ejector and core pins after every shot.


Mold-Vac 4000


  • The 4,000 series is the smallest most affordable mold evacuation unit available. Nonetheless, the 4,000 still remains a popular unit for many molders and continues to prove it’s place in the industry.


Mold-Vac 10000


  • The 10,000 series is is the next step upgrade from the 4,000. The specifications of the 10,000 display large larger range in mold evacuation capabilities and provides a vacuum and blowback faster than the original 4,000 unit.


Mold-Vac 20000


  • The 20,000 series is big leap from the 4,000 or the 10,000. The specifications of the 20,000 displays a much larger range in mold evacuation capabilities and provides a much faster vacuum and blowback.


Mold-Vac 40000


  • The 40,000 series is the newest and largest mold evacuation unit available. Faster and more powerful the 40,000 is built specifically to handle the fastest molding cycles. The 40,000 is built with an LCD control screen with the ability to lock-in mold settings, save, and password protect. It also has the options to export mold profiles and contains a built-in help menu and user guide.



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Mold Evacuation Technology


Mold venting is a process used to remove trapped air and gases from the mold during plastic processing. Many molders face issues where quick fill speeds do not allow the time for the air or gases to escape, or part design creates an area of trapping. This is why the

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