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Professional solutions for plastic recycling

Over more than two decades S+S has become the leading manufacturer of contaminant separation and sorting systems. For the recycling industry S+S has developed a range of individual machines and complete solutions to remove contaminants from plastic and PET or to sort mixed material flows into pure fractions. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that highly pure recycled material can be profitably reprocessed back into the production cycle. In the PET industry S+S systems achieve recycling rates approaching 100%.


S+S offers a full range of equipment for contaminant separation – from basic sorting through to precision separation applications. As well as removing magnetic and non-magnetic metals S+S systems sort plastic according to type, colour, or chemical composition. Near infa-red sensors, high-resolution CCD camera and X-ray technologies are utilized for effective and reliable detection. S+S systems are built to a well-proven modular design concept to ensure that exactly the right combination of components are chosen to meet the customer’s specitic application.



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